Hatching Duck Eggs At Home | Naturally

Hatch of duck egg can be done naturally that is incubating duck egg at chicken or of Muscovy. But amount of limited duckling in this way and also, and to get duckling in number many, hatch of egg can be done by using egg incubator. Before duck egg incubated, egg shall select beforehand so that getting result of high hatch. As for egg marking which good to incubate like following:

·         Egg have to come from high productive duck, above 200 per year
·         Egg of duck which old age one year
·         Old age egg at the most one week
·         Egg hatch have to fertile 
·         Intact eggshell as well as cleanness
·         Circular egg form
·         Deepness of air pocket around 0.5-1.0 cm
·         Pock egg is not brown
·         Comparison of male and female 1 : 10

Incubating duck eggs naturally, have often done by breeder and easy to home. Even though but to beginner of course require guidance of way of doing him. Way of in order to chicken will brood on duck egg by paying attention habit of chicken when wishing to brood. Hereinafter change chicken's egg with duck egg. After egg brooded on around 5-7 day, select early have earned to be done. Target of egg selection is to check growth of duck embryo. Egg selection better be done at night by using flash light, Why have to at night? Because dark situation, growth of embryo will be stand-out if egg put down or glued flash light. From this inspection can know things like following: Seen there red dot with root fiber, meaning fertile egg (pruned). While bold seen egg, red circle, and or many there are black dot, its meaning the egg not fertility (dead or empty). Seen egg to squeeze with root fiber, continue to be brooded. While just the other egg thrown it. After brooded on during 28 day, hence the egg will hatch.

To yield duckling in number which many, hatch of egg can be done by using egg incubator. Egg incubator can be made self or can buy poultry shop. Capacities of Incubator immeasurable egg, its use depended from target of scale and hatch of effort. Hatch with done practical and easy egg incubator, and usually factory incubator figure in hatch guide-book and way of usage of incubator. But in general, hatch with incubator have to pay attention several things like following:
·         Egg incubator put down at place which not influence by temperature from outside hatchery
·         Basin filled water more or less 1 / 3 shares
·         Before input egg into incubator, ascertaining incubator in a state of cleanness and ready to use. When needed incubator sprayed with disinfectant, last arrange temperature as according to egg type to be incubated. For the hatch of duck egg, temperature arranged till reach 38C, and after more or less 3 hour then egg earn input into incubator with blunt form egg face to the while sharp-pointed form face downwards. Besides egg better be put down with inclination around 40 degrees to facilitate inversion process (twiddling).
·         Twiddling of egg done on third until 3 days before egg hatch. Time twiddling of egg done by 3 times one day that is at 6 mornings, at 12 noon, and at 5 evening. Become twiddling of the egg done after egg reside in 3 day in egg incubator up to day to 25
·         Refrigeration and dampness and also air-refreshing of incubator require to be arranged in such a manner, at least once in one day
·         On to 5 days egg selected, when egg seen bold and clear, black pocks, or circle red yarn, need immediately in releasing from within incubator. While egg with marking like red dot with peripatetic branch, the egg incubated because fertility.
·         Egg require dampness of super ordinate than chicken's egg or quill. Therefore, on to 4 until day to 14 require to need to be done refrigeration once in one day. Its way by spraying water to egg hatch by using appliance spray like hair spray. While on to 14 - 25 refrigeration done 2 times one day
·         Three-Day before hatching, water tub has to in a state of full. Later hatch door room called a meeting to order until egg hatch. For ventilation, on to four opened ¼ part of, day to 5 ½ part of, day to 6 selected egg. Day to 7, ventilation opened ¾ part of, day to 8; ventilation opened altogether accompanied refrigeration during 15 minute. On to 15-25 performed selection both, egg which infertile released. On to day 25, water tub have to full and tightly close room.
·         Usually start on to 25 or 26 days, egg hatch someone has is barst. On to 28 hatch process finish, but because several things, there are some overdue egg hatch.
·         After hatching, wait till their fur run dry then carry over artificial cage or special made box cage to look after duckling.

Female and masculine duckling marking
·         Louder female duck voice than male
·         Compared to bolder female fur duckling colour of male
·         Bill and female splayfoot green chromatic horn, while black chromatic male and convex looked to be
·         Their uppermost genitals drakes while female don’t.

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