Duck Eggs

Eggs are nutrient dense food and a source of animal protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The content of vitamin A and phosphorus in eggs is much higher than chicken meat. Eggs are not only good for adults, but also good for development and growth of children. There are three types of eggs are often consumed or used as a cooking ingredient, namely the duck eggs, chicken and quail.

Duck eggs
Duck eggs are favored by consumers because it contains protein which is high at around 13.3%. Higher than chicken eggs and quail eggs. In addition, duck eggs also contain 14.5% fat, and 0.7% carbohydrate and has a size larger than chicken eggs.

Physical structure
In general, the duck egg has a round shape to oval, and consist of the eggshell, egg white and yolk.
1. Eggshell
The skin of duck eggs containing an array of salt organic, hard and have pores on the skin surface.
2. Egg whites
Egg whites can not mix with egg yolks, owing kalaza. Egg white consists of 40% aqueous layer, and 60% condensed.

3. Yolk
The yolk is the most important part of the duck eggs, because in this section, the fetus (embryo) ducks live. Moreover, in the yolk is contained nutrients that is essential for embryonic development when the egg will be hatched.

Nutritional value
According to the study, the number and amino acid composition of duck eggs is very complete and balanced, so that almost all parts of the egg can be used as food either for growth or to replace damaged cells. Duck eggs have a utility value of protein 100% when compared with chicken (80%) and milk (75%). Egg yolk contains most of the fat, while the egg whites contain no fat. The function of fat for the body, is as an energy source. The fat in eggs soluble in water, making it easier to digest, either by infants, children, and elderly people.

Processed duck eggs
Duck eggs are preferred by consumers, usually in the form of fresh eggs and salted eggs. Fresh eggs can be used as a cooking ingredient, ingredients for making cookies, cakes or juices. The processed egg is like; eye beef, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs. In addition, duck eggs are also good for making omelets or "martabak" because the batter is more fluffy.
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