Raising mallard duck duckling

Raising mallard ducks ducklings
Mallard duck or wild mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is ancestors most of all domestic duck, except Muscovy duck. This Poultry represent one of  popular wild bird  raising in backyard, beside domestic duck types.

How to raising and take care of  duckling mallard duck? 
Mallard duck is one of  popular waterfowl type as pet. This waterfowl represent wild fowl which  free life. Become if you will raising mallard duck, best matter to start by raising after mallard duckling. This fowl known as bird most social, although initially they will fear to come near human being. But if you often reside in about them, by degrees they even also will accustomed and follow you. To get duckling, can be done by incubating egg or when you find duckling which have been left  its parent. Raising after duckling very pleasant, after hatching, they looked to be joke and feel pity. With good treatment, they earn to grew up. Usually duckling which breeding, will become tame within reason domestic duck. During 3 months, wing of mallard duck have almost perfect, and they start to learn fly. But mallard duck raising after since childhood, usually will return to place where he enlarged.

Mallard ducklings house and cage
ducklings nest
If you find duckling without their parent, immediately remove them into housed. Housing can in the form of box. This matter must be done because cold weather can cause ugly to ducklings. Artificial cage or coops of box earn made from zinc materials, hardboard, or plywood . Pallet better cage, arranged in layers with soft materials like hay, dry leaf or hay within reason nest of mallard in wild nature. Besides cage pallet, cage of box also have to provide with heater of fluorescent lamp. Artificial heater do duty off duck cage. Artificial cage can in form of circle  have, diameter  100 cm, with height 45 cm. Artificial heater can use lamp 40 - 60 Watt, which  hanging as high as 15 - 25 cm, and put down in the centre of artificial cage. At first Sunday, room temperature in artificial cage arranged by temperature 35°C. Hereinafter, temperature can lessen 5°C each week, until tired temperature 18 - 24°C. If room temperature too hot, ducklings will go away from heater, if temperature less warm they will seen to come near heater. While when normal temperature, ducklings will seen to disseminate.
Spreading of duckling in cage

Beside cage pallet and artificial heater, in cage of box require to be provided also equipments eat and drink. This equipments to facilitate duckling get food and drink, and also function to take care of cage in order not to become dirty and wet. Better, equipments eat and drink to be cleaned every day. To prevent disease, this equipments better clean with disinfectant, its dose as suggested by its maker factory. After duckling old age 4 week, duckling shall no longer need artificial heater.Thereby they earn to be carried over outdoor.

How to feed duckling of mallard?
Mallard duck represent omnivorous animal food type, in the form of bulk, young crop, and corm of invertebrate. In its, duck parent usually will lead its child's to get valuable food of albumin (protein). Albumin required for the growth of duckling. Duckling old age 1 - 3 week can be given  starter food (duck feed) which can bought in poultry food shop. This food have to contain 18 - 20% albumin. After old age 3 week, can be given crosscut green vegetable refinement, smooth maize, grist bran or grist. Way of giving food, food given in the form of is wet, this matter to correspond to digestive organ and form duck. Food better be put down in appliance eat, so that facilitate duck find their food. Appliance eat and drink to be cleaned every day, when needed clean this equipments with disinfectant, so that duck protected from disease.

How long for mallard duck eggs to hatch?
Muscovy Duck
In principle process hatch of mallard duck egg, same as domestic ducks hatching. The duration time  process hatch of duck egg is 28 day. But, because several things, period of hatch can until 29 or 30 day. Hatch of mallard duck egg can be done naturally, that is incubating mallard duck egg at chicken parent or Muscovy. While way of hatch of other egg by using eggs incubator.

Incubator eggs
Way of hatch of mallard duck egg use eggs incubator. Several things which need to be paid attention is temperature, dampness and inversion of egg. This three things represent all important factor in course of hatch of egg use incubator eggs. Temperature of Incubator have to be arranged is constant, that is about 38°C, while dampness in incubator, among 55 - 70 %. Twiddling of egg can start on to 3 until day to 25. Inversion of egg minimize 3 times in one day. Inversion of egg aim to so that embryo not patch one of  eggshell side. At process hatch of domestic duck egg, breeder usually spray water to egg hatch. This matter meant to give refrigeration egg. Refrigeration start day to 15 until day to 25, and done 2 times one day.

Mallard duckling pool
Mallard duck one of water poultry type, they measure up to to like with water. Naturally they live and raises in lake forest, bog pool and river. This poultry also represent bird type which like to perch and make nest in tree hole. Usually, nest made not far from source of water. Become if you'd remove outdoors duckling cage, better provide with pool. Artificial pool can be used as playground, swimming and drink. Although since duck borne they have earned to swim, but a period of this breeding, don't let duck swim alone. They have to be taken care of, because not yet owned perfect plume like adult duck. This bird plumage function to protect body of water. Duckling need  taking care of till old age 3 months. Duck pool can be made and or can buy at poultry shop.

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