Mallard Duck Mating Habits

Migration Period
Mallard ducks can spread to vast areas because these are aquatic birds. They also include a strong fliers. In the migration season, mallard couples can take and fly thousands of kilometers through the mountains, waters with a variety of risks and challenges of bad weather, lack of food, exhaustion and even the threat of predators.

The mallard tend to leave the habitat in early winter to head south to breed. Usually they arrive in its original place between February and March. In this flight, the appearance of a male mallard looks gray and white color under the wings, while females have white under wings with pale belly.

One of the advantages of these birds is that they can recognize and mark the destination of the distances. As a result of a long migration, in general, these birds have undergone a process of evolution, both physically and strategically to face natural challenges such as bad weather and even the threat of predators during the long flight.

Behavior Mating
In general instinct to perform a marriage between opposite sex is a natural thing possessed by every living thing including mallard ducks, the marriage is to continue and sustain the survival of their species.

Search process mallard duck pair to pair formed, mating, migration, nesting and breeding is a lengthy period. This period begins in October and November until the nesting season is around the beginning of March to late May.

This is a noisy bird species, their distinctive voice will be heard loud in breeding season. Behavior in the male mallard breeding season, he will whistle, beautiful wingsand preen to attract females. While the female duck will release a distinctive voice to attract the attention of her partner. Mating process is generally carried out in the water after a long fight, a unique and complicated and exhausting. Even some mallard should pursue a single female before mating ritual.
Mallard ducks are monogamy means they live in pairs but after females nesting and incubating eggs, mallard males will leave and join a group of other males, waiting period of reparation which begins in June.

In a relatively short time, the male mallard has a strong sexual and some of them will look for the women in a way even force them to mate with a female duck fromanother species. Cross breeding produces a hybrid duck that has its advantages andfertile but it is also one of the threat of extinction for these native birds.

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