Incubation Period Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs

Period incubation duck eggs
The period of incubation until hatching mallard duck eggs, basically like the hatching eggs of domestic duck. Incubation process lasts for 25 days from the last eggs laid later in the day-to-28 eggs will hatch all.
In its habitat, hatchery incubation process takes place naturally. Where after a gestation period (approximately 30 days), female ducks will lay eggs. Finish laying the mother instinct will immediately incubate the eggs by sitting carefully on the egg for approximately 28 days. Female parent will spend most of their time (28 days) keep the eggs from the disruption of animal pests and predators such as dogs, predators and others. Female parent will only be out for a while to find food and a shower while male ducks will leave and join other male ducks premises. 

Hatching duck eggs 
In general, duck egg takes about 28 days to hatch unless the Muscovy duck is about 35 days. If you want to incubate some duck eggs at home, you can get an incubator and eggs at the store Hatchery poultry. 

After getting duck eggs and an incubator, the first thing to know is how to use the incubator eggs through a guidebook. Things that need to be known; have fertile eggs (fertilized), incubator room temperature 37.5°C - 38°C with humidity 55%. It can be seen by putting the thermometer and hygrometer in an incubator.
  • Before the eggs hatched, especially Daune turn incubator for 3 hours, when the incubator temperature had reached 38°C, add the eggs into the incubator. Put the eggs on the shelf, the blunt facing up and pointed down. 
  • On the first day to the day-3, let the eggs in a safe state in its place. 
  • On day 4 to day 25, eggs rotated 90 degrees, at least three times a day. This is done so that the embryo does not stick to the wrong side of the egg alone. 
  • On days 1-3, ventilation incubators should be in a closed state while meeting the day-to-4 vents opened 1 / 4 part, day-to-5 opened 1 / 2 part and the day-to-6 open all vents until the eggs hatch. 
  • Do cooling by sprinkling water over eggs or can also use a syringe. Cooling can be done twice a day starting on the 15th day until the 25th. 
  • On day 25, the baby ducks will try to get out of the egg by pecking the egg shell to crack in a circle. 
Usually on the day-to-28, the process of hatching eggs has been completed but because some things can be occurred to the day-29. 

After the baby is born to prepare duck box or boxes which are equipped with a heater such as incandescent lamps to warm the baby duck. The temperature in the baby box in the first week 32°C, 29°C at week 2 and 26°C in week 3.

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