Domestic Duck Types Picture

Indian runner duck
Indian runner duck represent duck type of layer productive. Vertical body form like penguin, slender like bottle, hefty walk. They earn to be found in Indonesia, in Lombok island, Java and Bali. This frequent type duck in cross bred with other duck type to yield duck of hybrid pre-eminent.
Peking duck
Peking duck is duck type bred for flesh and at most world breeding, especially in China. He are popular as dish  have class  since dynasty epoch of Ming. Until now, its production take the cake among other flesh duck type.
Rouen duck
Rouen duck of expanding in English about the 18th, origin is France. its Body size measure a few/little bigger than of mallard duck. Initially, this duck bred as decorative duck and as flesh duck.
Tsaiya duck
Tsaiya duck represent duck of China which step into Taiwan about  the 17th. This duck also breded in Philippine, they lay eggs to start age 15 week.
Aylesbury duck
This duck type bred many in English. Original type this furry duck turn white, young rose colored plumage, and foot of orange.
Abacot ranger
Process cross bred among female khaki Campbell duck and of Indian runner white yield type of Abacot ranger duck. In Germany he is referred as Streicherenten. Its Body a few bigger than of Campbell duck frequent so that exploited as duck producer of flesh.
Welsh Harlequin 
Welsh harlequin duck initially from cross bred from 2 natural duck type  colour mutation naturally in khaki Campbell duck cage property of Leslie Bonnet about 1949. Harlequin Welsh in import to United States year 1968.
Khaki Campbell
Result of cross bred among of Indian runner duck and rouen yield khaki Campbell duck . Its so called him  Adele Campbell of Gloucester, inggris, wishing of duck layer more productive at the same time have big body.

Cayuga  duck have plumage which vary, young blue, young green, grey, till turn white. Its black green fur unite blue gleam , so that he often bred as decorative duck.
One again duck type which is totally disappeared almost, Saxony duck. This duck  breded in Germany by Albert Franz about 1930. Its parent come from of rouen duck and Peking of Germany.
Orpington duck represent result of duck cross bred of Cayuga duck, Indian runner, and aylesbury. Result of green thumb of William Cook who live in Orpington, Kent, English. First crossed him named buff orpington owning is colourful, blue, brown and black.
Muscovy duck is original species of North America, Middle America, and South America. This duck not the included in family of Anas, but enter gender of Cairina. Its big form body, and many breeding as duck for flesh.

Local duck type of layer
Duck in Indonesia initially coming from Java island and called with the title Bebek (in Javanese). Whereas in English, this duck  recognizing by the name of Indian runner (Anas Javanica). This local duck can be productive around 250 - 300 item every year.

Mojosari duck
Mojosari duck is one of duck layer pre-eminent, come from Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. Physique Mojosari duck smaller relative compared to its local duck, but owning big enough egg size measure, aquamarine chromatic. Mojosari duck consist of two type, that is mojosari duck brown and white.
Alabio Duck
Alabio duck come from Kalimantan (borneo), Indonesia and represent local duck which have excellence as producer of pre-eminent egg. Mean produce egg is 215 item every year.
Tegal duck
Tegal uck come from area of Bribes or of Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia. its colour plumage oafish chocolate and also chocolate chest, back, and exterior wing. While bill and his foot  black chromatic. Its vertical physique almost, slender like bottle, walk with hefty step. 

Magelang duck
Magelang duck have individuality that is its neck there are white circle like choker. Its big enough physique with deep brown nut brown plumage colour till or rather black. This duck come from Mojosari, Central Java, Indonesia.
Bali duck
This duck expand in Bali island and Lombok island, Indonesia. Its colour plumage tend to bolderly. Bill and his foot grey chromatic rather black and generally property of small neck form and crest length.
Queen duck
Queen duck (MA-2000) is hybrid duck result of cross bred among Mojosari duck and Alabio. This hybrid duck is developed by Hall Research Of Livestock (Balitnak), Ciawi, Bogor, Indonesia cooperate wiyh Pre-Eminent Hall Seed Livestock ( BPTU) Goat Sheep and Duck, Pelaihari, Kalimantan South, Indonesia. Mean produce is 270 item every year. This cross bred yield 2 type which by breeder conceived of queen duck and king. King duck (male) have growth of good body as flesh duck. With circumspect  care, this duck earn crop in a short time. At age 6 week, king duck body wight can reach 1,2 - 1.4 kg, with crabbed percentage 60 - 62%.

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