Domestic Duck House Plan

Domestic Duck House Plan
Cage is house to duck livestock and have important role in breeding of duck. So that can give maximum advantage and benefit, cage have to be planned, to be made and arranged better.

- Can give security and fresh air to duck livestock
- Be possessed of ventilation, enough get fresh air and sunshine
- To be located which far from domicile of  public, and public area / a to-do.
- Be possessed of good sanitation
- Cage measure cotton with looked after duck age and amount
- Floor have to in a state of clean and dry
- It’s very economical.

In general, cage function is :
- Haven of from predator  animal
- Haven of ugly weather
- As place of lay by
- As place growth  and raise of duck
- As breeding place and collect result of production

Type cage duck can be categorized  become three type, that is cage type closed, cage of batere, and backyard type cage. The cage type can be used for the breeding of adult duck and also adolescent duck, while for the breeding of duckling, used  box cage.

1.Type batere, to facilitate activity of treatment of livestock, cage batere at the most two compile. Equipments eat and drink,  arranging as according to cage length. Equipments eat put dawn  cage frontage while equipments drink to be placed  cage backside. Floor made one  with inclination 5-10°   with higher hutch backside than frontage. Use rubber to prevent egg not break.

2. Floor hutch type close, better use concrete floor. Better floor use coat  as hay, or chaff of sawdust thickly 2 – 5 cm. Cage floor have to be cleaned every day, change cage pallet which have dirty and wet with new cage pallet. Pallet cage moment changed its floor cleaned by using disinfectant and water.

3. Make pool able to be double-duty, as drinking water and bath. Cleaning aqueduct or pool, a minimum three times one day.

Duck cage  size  plan

Duck house type of ren (ranch)

Duck house type of postal (ranch)

Cage type of closed-ren

Duck house type of boxes

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