Baby Feeding Mallard Duck

Baby Feeding Mallard Duck 
In general, baby mallard ducks and domestic new-born babies do not need the food to the day-3 except water for drinking. Because during that time, food resources are still available in the yolk sac (navel). In the wild, after hatching baby duck would come out of the nest and then get together and follow the female parent. They began to learn to find food and avoid the threat of predators taken guidance female parent.

While on the farm ducks, baby ducks are usually 1-4 weeks of age, were fed a duck starter feed containing protein content of about 18-20%. Duck food can be purchased at the store poultry. Duck food placed in a circular plastic container for easy baby duck found it well to avoid the food is mixed with dirt. Drinking water is placed in a special place for ducks do not take a bath of water. This is to protect the baby ducks from cold temperatures when they play water. 

The amount of food for every baby ducks are: age 0-1 weeks as much as 100 grams, 200 grams aged 1-2 weeks, 3 weeks 300 grams and at the age of 4 weeks is given as much as 400 grams for each duckling. As for wild ducks, in their habitat eat aquatic plants, seeds, foliage and invertebrates as their natural food. 

Baby ducks need a lot of protein in the diet, especially for 4 weeks in the first month.Therefore, to avoid giving food in the form of bread or baby duck popcorn at age 0-3 weeks as this could be bad for its survival. 

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